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cPanel Virus Scanner Interface

The Virus Scanner interface in your cPanel control panel lets you scan your ccount's services against malicious software and the system prompts you to perform the appropriate action in case the ClamAV® Virus Scanner identifies a potential security threat.

Accessing the Virus Scanner interface

Login to your cPanel control panel using your web browser. Go to 'http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/' (without the quotation marks). So if your domain name is 'example.com' you should go to 'http://www.example.com/cpanel/' to login to your control panel. The Virus Scanner interface is in the "Advanced" tab, simply click on the name or the icon to enter.

cPanel Virus Scanner Location

Scanning a service against malware

  • Select the service to scan in the "Start a New Scan" section.
    • Scan Mail - Scans email folders of all of your account.
    • Scan Entire Home Directory - Scans your accont's "home" directory.
    • Scan Public FTP Space - Scans all folders that are publicly accessible through FTP services.
    • Scan Public Web Space - Scans all folders that are publicly accessible through web services.
  • Click "Scan Now" button, a new interface will open with the following info;
    • File - Number of files the scan processed out of the total number of files that exist in the specified directory.
    • Data - Amount of data the scan processed out of the total amount of data that exist in the specified directory.
    • Scanner Progress - Shows the scan's progress.
    • Infected Files - Shows the files the scan found to contain malicious software.

Please note that a scan can take quite some time depending on the amount of data to be scanned.

If you need more assistance with this subject, please contact Virgo Hosting Support by opening a support ticket. We'll be happy to help.

In order to contact our support department, please follow these steps;
  1. Sign in to your client portal from the following URL: https://clientportal.virgohosting.com
  2. Click "Support" link in the menu to access the "Support Tickets" interface. If you're accessing the client portal from a mobile device, the menu may be accessible by clicking the "MENU" icon depending on your screen resolution.
  3. Click "Submit New Ticket" button.
  4. Choose the help desk you'd like to send your support ticket to from the "Help Desk" dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the support ticket subject and your message in the appropriate text boxes.
  6. Click "Submit" button. Our support staff will reply to your ticket as soon as possible