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cPanel Global Email Filters Interface

The Global Email Filters interface in your cPanel control panel lets you configure filters for all the emails your domains' email accounts receive.

Please note that we strongly recommend using multiple, simple filters instead of a single large filter. The server's mail transfer agent Exim can handle many small rules more efficiently than it handles one large rule.

Please note that you can't use the BCC field in a filter as the recepient generally does not receive this field in an email's header. .

Accessing the Global Email Filters interface

Login to your cPanel control panel using your web browser. Go to 'http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/' (without the quotation marks). So if your domain name is 'example.com' you should go to 'http://www.example.com/cpanel/' to login to your control panel. The Global Email Filters interface is in the "Email" tab, simply click on the name or the icon to enter.

cPanel Global Email Filters Location

Creating a filter

  • Click "Create a New Filter", a new page will open.
  • Enter the name you'd like to use for the filter in "Filter Name" text box.
  • Enter the rules for the filter in "Rules" dropdown menus and text box.
  • Select the actions for the filter from "Actions" dropdown menu.
  • Click "Create" button.

Editing a filter

  • Find the filter you'd like to edit in the "Current Filters" section and click "Edit", a new page will open.
  • Make your changes to the filter.
  • Click "Create" button.

Deleting a filter

  • Find the filter you'd like to delete in the "Current Filters" section and click "Delete".
  • Click "Delete Filter" to approve.

Testing a filter

  • Enter a test message in the "Filter Test" textarea.
  • Click "Test Filter".
  • "Filter Trace Results" textarea shows whether your filters alter the test email's delivery.

If you need more assistance with this subject, please contact Virgo Hosting Support by opening a support ticket. We'll be happy to help.

In order to contact our support department, please follow these steps;
  1. Sign in to your client portal from the following URL: https://clientportal.virgohosting.com
  2. Click "Support" link in the menu to access the "Support Tickets" interface. If you're accessing the client portal from a mobile device, the menu may be accessible by clicking the "MENU" icon depending on your screen resolution.
  3. Click "Submit New Ticket" button.
  4. Choose the help desk you'd like to send your support ticket to from the "Help Desk" dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the support ticket subject and your message in the appropriate text boxes.
  6. Click "Submit" button. Our support staff will reply to your ticket as soon as possible